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Life Force Orgasm

6 week course


Six weeks of asking and allowing our total self to emerge. We will open the gateways to expansion and courage, and transform the limitations of old beliefs and repression to greater freedom and passion. We will explore various techniques for moving life force and creating extended full body orgasms, in the privacy of our own safe space. This course is teaching you ways to embrace all parts of your self deeply, and to create a life that fulfills your desires. This is a live course, a one hour weekly class that includes clearing the old and activating new energy. There is a private facebook group, and Trudy will intuitively find an online partner to share with, if you choose. This class is for all women that want more ZEST in their life.

   Celebrating Being a Woman, Life Force Energy Ignited..

We will explore our Body and Learn Life Force Energy techniques. We will learn to create safe sacred space, and become aware of the shadows and belief patterns that constrict our joy. We will begin a new relationship with ourselves. We will begin to clear the density as we celebrate being a woman.

Replays and exercises during the week.

   2 nd week     Warming up to Greater Pleasure

We will play with different awareness and movement to bring warmth to our sexual centers. We will do some inner child integration, opening, expanding, loving and playful Goddess connection. 

  3 rd week   The Orgasm of it All

We will be exploring all the styles of orgasm. We will learn great ways to begin the movement towards full body extended orgasmic ecstasy, and do some deep energy work to move old energy out. Please note, all practice is in your own private space, yet clearings and integrations do happen during class time

The replay will be posted in classroom with other activities and information available for your expansion.

  4 rd week  Manifesting Your Desires

This class is discovering and practicing leading edge techniques to bring clarity and energy to your manifesting. We will have some exercises in class, and begin to see how dynamic it is to blend life force, orgasm, and manifesting together. Time will be spent clearing abundance blocks and bringing in new creativity.

Lots of extra information and practicing techniques in the classroom.

  5 th week  Bringing In the Bliss of Living Turned on

We will continue to integrate ourselves and bring all the new information and energy together and see how to fine tune the tools we have and what else is available to explore. Time for lots of questions here, and sharing your stories and continuing the clearing and activating the new energy for the group.

The Classroom is always full of extra information and some activities for the week.

 6 th week  A Celebration Party

This time is to bring together all the energy we as a group have brought into our time spent and celebrate where we are now. A ritual or journey will be created by Trudy as she senses is most aligned with the class. A special time to connect with each other and our expansion of life.

 7 th week  Allowing Your New Magnificent Life to Continue


      We will bring clarity to the next steps of action to take for each woman's empowerment. This class is the doorway to desire becoming fulfilled, and we will learn and share a plan of action and mastermind the vision.

Mastermind plans of Action

BONUS FOR THIS CLASS ONLY...9 days to Celebrate .........To be announced as the tribe merges... To begin the journey I will ask, align, and allow an Anahata code to reveal itself daily, and then give you a video to watch for activation. This brings greater depth to our embracing ourselves. these will cover the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of ourselves with a final code for integration of the first eight. 



                    In the Life Force Orgasm Class you Receive...


  •       7 weeks of classes totaling 6-9 Hours with lots of time for clearing and activating.

  •       Replays of all the classes with activities to integrate all learning.    

  •       A private Facebook group for questions, and sharing inspiration      

  •         A Friend to share  with from the group weekly (if you choose)

  •       A discount in price to join other Life Force Orgasm classes.

  •       Private sessions are Half Price during our six weeks together.

  •       My focus on each of you daily during my prayer and meditations.  

       The next class is being planned for January 2019...If interested in receiving updates, leave your email here...I honor your privacy...




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