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Awesome to see you here.

    As you fill out the form below, please put in your address. This supports me in fine tuning your space clearing. If you prefer not to, I can still do the clearing through your name, and the bed clearing will still be very effective, yet I can't promise about the other parts of the space clearing.

      For Relationship clearings, give the Full name of the person you are clearing relationship with.

       Space Clearing is                $37

       Personal Clearing is           $97

      Relationship Clearing is     $107

Extra Relationship Clearings  $10 Extra

      The form takes you to your payment page. I will use your email to send you the report and your invoice for payment. 

        Enter the amount you will be paying.

      I will let you know when the clearing will occur. For the personal clearing, I suggest you are resting when this is done. I do this work after 10 PM your time. A few people will feel the energy moving while I do this. It is working if you don't sense anything.


Fill in info, payment on next page.....Aloha and Blessings 

                                                                      Trudy Weaver of Delight

I am not a Doctor, I do no diagnosis, and I suggest you visit your care providers often.

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