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I connect with your Higher Self, and I am guided with information to bring balance to your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. The hour that we spend is clearing, activating, journeying, whatever brings the greatest good to you and your desires and goals. I have already connected before the session to access your Higher Self, so transformation begins before our time shared. My chest is full of techniques, and we use a variety of Emotional Freedom, Anahata Codes, Activated Space, Inner Child Embracing, NLP, Quantum Touch, Access Consciousness,  and Higher Self communication 


This enhances any other therapies that you are doing, and is not a replacement for medical care. 


Many women experience great benefit from one session, yet I do have packages at discounts, and  while attending an immersion, these sessions are half price for you.

I also do Relationship Counsel


Please email me what your problem to solve is, and we can chat from there.

$100.00   30 Minutes

$200.00  60 minutes

                                    Certified Anahata Codes Practitioner                                                       

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