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Nine Days to wake up the Playful Woman in YOU that is so ready to Shine Her Light!!!   

15 minutes a day to share in activating Anahata codes chosen by my Higher self, for  all Women Now....We are waking up, and Thriving is the tool to get clear, have fun, and get motivated to create your life by taking charge and allowing. 

A Challenge to Create a Fun Thriving Life Now!!!


Sale until February 9th

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Playful Trudy

This Challenge is gentle, deep, and powerful to get you moving forward to an abundant life. Bonus!!  I am also giving you 9 days of long distance Quantum Touch, starting the day you purchase this!!! Quantum Touch is balancing and recharging, perfect to share with this challenge. I am so charged up to share this, I am almost giving this away. My normal price for this dynamic activation is  $47.00, and until January 19th, this Challenge is only $19.99 My Higher Self loves Anahata Codes, and put together this potent transformation sequence to Thrive!!!!   

    If you feel like your stuck in a box right now, or frustrated and confused, or maybe you know 2019 is the year to take charge and make your life successful, this NINE days is the motivation and AHA to get into THRIVING MODE.

Why am I almost giving this away right now? On January 9th, a sweet grandson was born into our family. He is in intensive care with a Lymphatic malformation on his neck, and is receiving the best care available.  We are thrilled, and as it looks now, he will be in intensive care for 8 weeks minimum. So I am asking for your support now, as I will be very busy for awhile being present with Family. You would be helping me out immensely right now, and getting an amazing deal to challenge you to Thrive...As I will be Thriving right there with you, and so Appreciate your willingness to step into playing and having fun!!                                 



Your email here gets you to the payment page

Thanks Trudy

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