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Thriving as a Woman

         The Challenge Day Four !!!!     

Thrive is to be satisfied with Life...To see movement forward that is Uplifting, Pleasurable, and Abundant in a high quality of Health, Love, Compassion, and Wealth.


Go to that safe, sacred place we share in the video, and ask..."What are some ideas that will strengthen me as a thriving woman?" You may receive an instant answer, or it may show up in a surprising way, or both, so be aware of life and what messages are coming your way. I've had books fall off of shelves in a bookstore, friends telling me I just have to check out something, the inner knowing gently pushing me forward. Ask this question every day, and all that positive energy in the universe is on your side. Write these insights down..right away...they are gifts to nourish, and the first step to action is to write these messages down. Put them where you see them often. Thriving is being active in the creation of your chosen life.

We ask, align, and allow, with gratitude, and for the greatest good, to activate the assisting frequency of the Totem Animal Badger, that we are strong in the faith of who we are, know when to say NO, and protect and nurture our loved ones and selves with compassionate truth, now.


928 327 928 921

The Badger Animal Totem. When the badger appears in your life, it means that you should have more faith in your abilities. The badger animal totem is teaching you not to pay attention to what other people are going to say about you. Also, this animal is telling you to stop hiding and to come out of a shadow.

Badger reminds us to stay grounded, and set safe sacred space every morning and night. Badger is giving you faith, and out of Hope rises Faith. Faith is trusting yourself, speaking compassionate truth, knowing you are one with God, Goddess, all that is. Faith is shining your light of love and inner strength to the world. Call on Badger totem to bring all of this alive for you, as in this energy, thriving is natural and flows with ease.

I am gathering courage, hope, and faith for thriving in all parts of my life, now and forever more...

To share with a friend, set  sacred safe space first. Repeat the code seven times...follow as in video..

You can write this number on a piece of paper, and tape on a bottle of water, number facing the water. In 24 hours, the water is activated with this empowering energy for sharing, and repeating as often as you like. Thriving is to give to those around us, and what a wonderful way to share..


I am grounded and bring up my deep inner strength to be courageous in showing myself, and the world, how creative I am. That I have the faith to reveal myself, and Thrive. I am loving myself more everyday, as I send this love to all. 

faith 2.jpg


Free to be ME

Faith is our Courageous Ability to Imagine and Create a Life That Thrives

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