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Thriving as a Woman

         The Challenge Day Five !!!!     

Thrive is to be satisfied with Life...To see movement forward that is Uplifting, Pleasurable, and Abundant in a high quality of Health, Love, Compassion, and Beauty


We ask, align, and allow, with gratitude, and for the greatest good, to activate the assisting frequency of the element Oxygen, that we take in that first breath of a new life that is vital, grounded, and clear. That Oxygen fills our cells and activates the para sympathetic nervous system, allowing more oxygen to fill our whole beings. Across all time, space and dimensions, now.


8 998 10 1168

    Viewing oxygen from the wisdom of Homeopathy, it is what brings us out of the Mothers womb. Our first breath. If you have felt zoned out, not quite with life, anti social, dizzy, and a sense of being far away, this activation is your birthing to Thrive. 

      Oxygen is life, breathe it in to your body and also imagine it surrounding you, fill your safe sacred space with oxygen, share it with hugs...Know that when people yawn around you it is them getting that fresh breathe as they let go...Oxygen is you emerging into your greater richer, larger self, go ahead and love that and give yourself a hug.

      It is beneficial to charge clean water with this code, writing the numbers on paper, and taping it to the glass container of water, number facing in. It is ready in 24 hours, and you can keep adding water, which charges it quickly. You can also continue activating as we have done in video, speak the numbers out times...

This is a reminder to bring saliva into your mouth, and swallow it and ask that it become sweeter and sweeter. Bubbly with the essence of life and oxygen. The challenge is to make this a habit in life....

waterfall 2.jpg

I am absorbing oxygen with ease as I breathe deep into all my cells, and I step out of low self esteem. I am knowing that I am valuable, and excited about sharing my essence of self, and receiving great abundance 

Challenge....Move your body, dance, walk, create a routine of moving your body in creative ways..If you already have a routine of exercise, ask "How can this express more of myself as I am thriving now." Listen and pay attention, and play. Bring in that dance step, yoga stretch, skip and a jump...Play and breathe deep...



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