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Thriving as a Woman

         The Challenge Day Six !!!!     

Thrive is to be satisfied with Life...To see movement forward that is Uplifting, Pleasurable, and Abundant with a high quality of Health, Love, Compassion, and Wealth.


We ask, align, and allow, with gratitude, and for the greatest good, to activate the assisting frequency of the Jester Archetype for wonder, for play, for dispersing difficulty through laughter, for thriving in pleasure, now.


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     The Jester archytype is wise, and one of the most powerful archytypes.  Many times the wise jester is the witness to a situation in life, and brings in laughter and jokes to loosen up tense situations. This is the doctor dressing as a clown for his patients. 

    The Jester knows that laughter and lightness of spirit can move mountains of sorrow and despair, if given with compassion. They are in the moment, the now, gazing upon the wonders, and sharing this whenever possible.

      Zest is a thriving aspect of Jester, they take those chances, the leap of faith, bring in the joy of the adventure. The wise jester stays committed to moving forward into lighter more playful creations with a grace of manifesting miracles.

     Embracing life is the wisdom of Jester, to be bigger than their ego, and to offer ideas beyond the problems of humanity and their situation in life. They pick themselves up out of the dust, and bring in the laughter of the universe.

        What a wonderful part of us to develop as Women, and how strong we are already in this realm. Women got the vote by keeping the home together and happy for the family, and then working for justice in secrecy. Mothers keeping their children happy and content even though there are difficulties in life. Jester remind us we are multifaceted, can be on stage with our light side, and be managing all the details of life at the same time. This lightness blends down to the details, making them run smoother. 

         Jester is a playful warrior that grabs all the goodness of life and makes a great soup of zest to share.

         It is Amazing how the Wise Jester is an ultimate Thriving Archetype. Creative play, innovative problem solving, never giving up, and loving the moment of joy.

The challenge is to look to the bright side of situations in life, have faith that everything that comes has a silver lining, and laugh as often as you possibly can. 

       I am an infinite being having a human experience


This is a reminder to bring saliva into your mouth, and swallow it and ask that it become sweeter and sweeter. Bubbly with the essence of play and wisdom. The challenge is  to make this a habit in life....

I am creating joy in my life. I am attracting fun and lightness around me, I am wise in decisions, and I trust my intuition. I am setting safe sacred space, I enjoy meeting new people,and expanding my horizons of possibilities. I am abundant and I am grateful. 

robin clown.jpg

This version of the song This Little Light of Mine is from a video done by Psalty the Singing Song Book. The video is called Psalty's Funtastic Praise Party. The song belongs to the rights of Ernie and Debbie Rettino who created Psalty. I don't own this content and I DO NOT make any profit off of it. Some of these puppets were bought from They sell GREAT puppets. And they're custom made.


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