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Thriving as a Woman

         The Challenge Day Seven !!!!   

Thrive is to be satisfied with Life...To see movement forward that is Uplifting, Pleasurable, and Abundant with a high quality of Health, Love, Compassion, and Wealth.


We ask, align, and allow, with gratitude, and for the greatest good, to activate the assisting frequency of Sphere, now


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   Sphere....Wow, we are truly on quite a journey these 9 days... My higher Self is in alignment for powerful Transformations for us as Women. Sphere is everything and nothing, Sphere is source point. Source Point is the place of instant transformation, of creation of the universe. We have reached a divine place for us to create our powerful visions. So let's share our deepest dreams here. 

    We are women. We are creators, and receivers. The Feminine is waking up on Gaia now. We use our imaginations, our dreams to bring about the unity of unconditional love.  As we lift away from the shackles of shame and darkness, we come into love and compassion.   This journey helps along the way. Your commitment to knowing what you choose to do differently in your life is the clarity. 

      Journal here for what your wildest dreams are. The ones hiding out behind all the excuses of why they won't happen. Clarify, ask, which dream is the closest right now? How can you make that dream more vivid. Allow yourself the freedom to be with your imagination. Dance with it, draw it, do a vision board, say...I am co-creating this now.  Do this for your life where it is right now. Make this time brighter, dance with it, sing, create every day into one where you have given it the best, and honor yourself for this. Feeling crappy? Move with that energy, sing with it, write...Amazing poems and songs that touch our souls are created when tragedy happens, or even from a crappy day. Be safe, and let your expression of self emerge.  


  I am an infinite being knowing that miracles and infinite possibilities are rich in my imagination and life.



This is a reminder to bring saliva into your mouth, and swallow it and ask that it become sweeter and sweeter. Bubbly with the essence of play and wisdom. The challenge is  to make this a habit in life....


I am committed to bringing together support, resources, synchronicity, and clarity with laser focus to be living a life that is thriving in all ways. I am in deep gratitude for the wonder of it all. I ask, how can it be better than this?



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