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Thriving as a Woman

         The Challenge Day Nine !!!!   

Thrive is to be satisfied with Life...To see movement forward that is Uplifting, Pleasurable, and Abundant with a high quality of Health, Love, Compassion, and Wealth.


We ask, align, and allow, with gratitude, and for the greatest good, to activate the assisting frequency of Solfeggio frequency 963, now

Solfeggio  963

528 963 528 963


    Greetings all you magnificent creators of wonderment. For this frequency to emerge for our 9th day of activations is a  blessing to us as we awaken the Divine  Feminine within. On a simpler note of experience, yet all the same, may all of you unite into your true expression of self...Unique and Vital to the web of life and abundance of ease of life for all.

    I have chosen this video for a reason...not all the tones on you- tube are pure, and this one has a high resonance. As you do explore other Solfeggio videos, ask your higher self if this is true for you, or let that inner knowing come in with ease.

     I am receiving direct communication now on my pathway of my greatest thriving to be free, to be me, and express myself with all the magnitude, love, and peace that my soul blesses upon me.

      28 days is a circle for integration, and to begin this again for 9 days, and then again....27 days....Then create a celebration of your creation for day 28....This is a fun path for becoming authentic and in full remembrance. Be free to do this with a friend, partner. Men and children are welcome here, remember to hold a sacred for them, with the love and power of the Goddess within you. 

     Journal daily....Your vision of community where all are thriving, your vision of your most incredible self, and know it is far greater than this...How can life be better than this? 

      Journal what you receive daily, your appreciations and gratitudes, where you touched another soul with goodness that day. Be Joy.


  I am an infinite being knowing that miracles and infinite possibilities are rich in my imagination and life.



This is a reminder to bring saliva into your mouth, and swallow it and ask that it become sweeter and sweeter. Bubbly with the essence of play and wisdom. The challenge is  to make this a habit in life....

I am committed to bringing together support, resources, synchronicity, and clarity with laser focus to be living a life that is thriving in all ways. I am in deep gratitude for the wonder of it all. I ask, how can it be better than this?


I am the Power of Love

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