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 I support you to move from self doubt, confusion, and wounded to being authentic, creative, and worthy.

You are empowered as we clear the primal roots, birth your unique self, and get your mastermind  in motion.



 How about finding your inner truth and open the gates to bring it out to the light? How about mastering your essence, and being in perfect livelihood?



Mentoring you to become  grounded, inspired, focused, playful, and free. Creating with you your inner marriage of heart and mind, this is as natural to me as Midwifery has been in my life. I now guide you to Birth Your Soul.



Trudy, my last session with you was very enlightening, to say the least!

    We finished up our session just before my bedtime. And of course, I felt good because my sessions with you always seem to go well (even when we are working on some seriously painfully and heart-breaking stuff). However, since you've recently expanded your body of work, I can really sense an even bigger shift in my day-to-day life, that has a direct link to our healing work together.
   And so, the next morning after our last session, I woke-up feeling as though the fog had been lifted and things were oh so very clear. Issues that I'd been struggling with for months on top of months (ok maybe even years), were so clear... my path was illuminated and I knew what needed to be done for my life to look and feel better... I just felt so much clearer, able to see the bigger picture. Going from a micro to a macro perspective was awesome!
   And for the past couple of weeks, like a lotus flower as the petals slowly open up, with each day more and more things/issues/situations have become even clearer.
Thank you so very much for the work that you do, it's greatly appreciated!

Peace & Blessings,
Lisa Lambert
Savannah, GA


  Together , we will give your mind a massage, clear out the files, keep whats important, and create space for greater inspiration.


   OH YES, SPACE to hear that voice or grasp that sensation of the true you, your true path. Clearing your energy of all disturbances, get the electro magnetic field humming with energy, and heighten your awareness of opportunities, gifts, and OH YES, JOY.




A Journey begins with a single step...

Step into fully honoring your joyful destiny, birthing your soul and dancing with its rhythms, CREATING and mastering a LIFE  THAT IS FULFILLING TO YOUR HEART AND MIND.

Aura Cleanse



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