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   Trudy Nobles

Weaver of Delight


         I am here, hanging out on this magnificent Earth, with a mission to Empower People to Live their Life Purpose. Human Design brought this message to Me loud and clear. As an Elder, I weave my life experience and training into a web of exploration of Truth of Your Authentic Self, and ground and stabilize your life to move forward with Grace and Ease.

           Here is my invitation to you. I invite you to embrace all your experiences, where you are NOW, and come on a journey with me to reveal your path of empowerment. That is an awakening of the gifts inside of you to navigate life, to make decisions with your integrity, to be in your joy, and contribute to the greater good of family, humanity, and your true Life Path.

          As a perpetual student of the mysteries of life, I have developed a strong intuition, and Empowered my Inner Empath to bring balance to the people I share with and the Earth. I incorporate Parts Therapy, bringing parts of you new inner jobs that are fun. Such as, reminding you to take a walk everyday, smile upon your body, hugging your inner self. Opening a Doorway for everything that is not part of your Life Purpose to Graciously go. 



         Together, we will explore your Human Design Chart to bring out the words that express your Purpose for Your Life. With Dowsing, we find where there are areas of the chart that need greater activation. My Higher Self and your Higher Self coordinate and synthesize to support your journey forward. My treaure chest is large, other systems emerge to play with when needed.

           I am sending this invitation to work with me to a few people at this time. I am blessed with spending time with EZRA KAI ANPO,  my delightful grandson born January 9th 2019. I am blessed to Love myself and deepen this relationship, as I weave delight to all I share with.

A one hour session is $88.

I am at this time doing sessions for $33 to a few people that will write, or video, a review for me.

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